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(1) 兒童的出生登記紀錄副本。 

(5) 於收到信件後,入數繳交報名費$40


* 本校只接受親自到校或郵寄申請表,而郵寄的申請表,需用4x9吋信封寄回本校,並需貼上$5.1郵票,若郵費不足,有可能延誤申請及需補交差額。

* 若未能繳交以上4項文件,其申請將暫時不獲處理




2) 申請入讀2018-2019學年預備班(2歲班)兒童,需在20189月年滿2歲才安排進行第一輪面試,面試日期為20171216日,請家長於20171118日前遞交申請表,否則需因應本校學位之情況,才安排進行面試。


1. 會見形式是與師生及家長互動,透過桌面遊戲、談話等來評估幼兒能力。 
2. 家長須陪同幼兒參與面見。
3. 完成整個會見流程約十分鐘。
4. 會見申請人的評核者為兩人。



2. 申請入讀之幼兒,如屬以下情況,將獲優先考慮:

- 有三名兄弟妺在六歲或以下

- 現讀生或畢業生弟妹






2018/19 K1 收生安排」流程圖




1    如家長未能於「統一註冊日期」內向取錄其子女的幼稚園出示「2018/19註冊證」,該幼稚園或未能為其子女進行註冊。因此,家長須在指定日期內向教育局遞交申請。

2    如申請人於「統一註冊日期」後獲取錄,仍須以「2018/19註冊證」註冊。如申請人在一所幼稚園註冊後想轉校,須到原先註冊的幼稚園取回「2018/19註冊證」。申請人如由其原先註冊的幼稚園取回「2018/19註冊證」,即代表該幼稚園不會再為該學童保留學位。一般來說,其原先註冊的幼稚園不會退還「註冊費」。





 Application Procedures

* Application academic year 2018--2019 Nursery Class (N1), the children must be full one year old before submitting the application form

* Application academic year 2018--2019 Kindergarten Class (K1), the children must be full 1.5-year old before submitting the application form


Please complete the "Application Form" and returned to the school with the following documents, and we will meet with children and their parents.

(1) Photocopy of the child's birth registration record

(2) Photocopy of the child's immunization record

(3) A recent passport photograph

(4) 5 of self-addressed stamped envelopes4x9inches and affix $2 stamp

(5) $40 application fee payable upon appointment


* School only accepted application form submission in person or by mail to the school envelope size is (4x9) inches and paste$5.1 stampIf not enough shipping may be delay the application

* Failure to provide above-mentioned (1) – (4) documents, the application will not be processed temporarily.



1) Apply for admission to the academic year 2018-2019 Kindergarten Class (K1), Lower Class (K2) and Upper Class (K3) children, the interview dated 11 November 2017, parents please submit the application form before 14 October 2017, otherwise the interview should be re-arranged subject to the class vacancy.



2) Apply for admission to the academic year 2018-2019 Nursery Class (2- year-old class), children must be full 2 year-old on or before September 2017 and then will be arranged for the first round interview.  For interview dated 16 December 2017, parents please submit the application form before 18 November 2016; otherwise the interview should be re-arranged subject to the class vacancy.



Format and Arrangement of Interview:

1. Interaction with student, teacher and parents through table games, conversation and etc. The purpose is to assess young children ability.

2. Parents should accompany young children to participate the interview.

3. The whole interview process would take about 10 minutes.

4. The applicant would be interviewed by 2 adjudicators.


Admission Criteria:

1. Children would be assessed based on performance in that day, such as courtesy, regulatory compliance and emotional performance, curiosity, the involvement of activity and participation and so on.

2. For the admission application, priority will be given to the following situations:

- Working parents

- Three brothers and/or sisters of the age of six or under six

- Current students or graduated siblings

- The children of alumni


Interview Result:

Notification will be sent by post within 6 weeks after the interview.



Withdrawal Procedures

Parents must notify the school in written a month ago, in case the notice period less than a month, parents need to pay that month tuition fee.


  "2018/19 K1 Admission Arrangements" Flowchart



1  If parents cannot present the “2018/19 RC” to the KG their child has been admitted to during the “centralised registration dates”, the KG concerned may not be able to complete registration for their child. Hence, parents are required to submit application to EDB within the designated period.

2  If an applicant is admitted after the “centralised registration dates”, he/she is still required to submit the “2018/19 RC” for registration.  If an applicant wishes to change school after registering with a KG, he/she is required to get back the “2018/19 RC” from the KG with which he/she has registered.  Upon getting back the “2018/19 RC” from a KG, the KG concerned will no longer reserve the place for the applicant.  Normally, the registration fee paid to the KG with which the applicant has registered will not be refunded.

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